Typical engine data sensor and control component locations on the GM 3.

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Click on numbers below image for component information. Fuel pressure regulator 2. Mass Airflow sensor MAF 4.

Opel Commodore

Throttle Body 5. Fuel Injector 7. PCV Valve 8. Coolant Temp sensor ECT 9.

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Evap Purge Solenoid EGR Valve Question: where is the vehicle speed sensor. Answer: In most cars, the vehicle speed sensor is located in the tail shaft housing of the transmission. This is where the axle comes out on the passenger side of the trans. On front wheel drive cars. Best viewed from under the car.

Where is the map sensor on this GM v6? The MAP sensor is located in position 7 on the picture above. The MAP sensor is on top with an electrical connector. The PCV valve is under the sensor. The sensor and the retainer unscrew from the manifold, and the PCV is inside. It is strictly for diesels.

Where's the PCV valve located on a supercharged engine? On the supercharged, it is located under a square metal plate, in similar location as EGR valve on the non-supercharged. See Above. Where is the Ambient Air Temperature sensor located at? That ambient air temp sensor is located on the front core support, in front of the radiator. Left or right side depending on make, model, and year vehicle. On the V6, the camshaft position sensor is located behind the water pump pulley.

If you were to look at the pulley straight on, it is at about the 9 o'clock position. Where is the crank sensor located at. Buick Lesabre v Temperature gauge needle laying down to the right past the H. Only moves,jumps a quarter of a inch when ignition is turned on. Bad temperature sensor? The temp sensor only gives a reading to the gauge with the key ON, so this is most likely an instrument panel cluster gauges problem.

Ok I replaced that temperature sensor in the photo above, and the new one I got had just two terminals, while the old plug has three receptacles. Sounds like the parts guy gave you the wrong sensor. Some cars have 1 for the gauge or light, and another for the computer.This engine was succeeded by the Ford Duratec 35and the last one produced was found in F regular cab only.

The Canadian Essex is an overhead valve OHV, or pushrod design featuring aluminum heads, which reduced its weight considerably and made it a very powerful engine for its size.

The engine was initially offered in only a 3. The 3. The Essex and the smaller Vulcan V6 were the last traditional overhead valve engines built by Ford until The Canadian Essex's origins are somewhat controversial. A common, but erroneous, belief is that the Essex was based on the 5.

Though the practice of deriving a V6 from a V8 was not unheard of, several important differences between the small block's design and the Essex's, such as their considerably different bore and stroke, made a common design lineage implausible.

It is also important to note that the RWD version incorporated the same bell housing as the 5.

Details of GM's 3800 Model Engine Recall

Often the RWD engines are referred to as small blocks since the transmission mounting flange is the same as the family of small block V8 engines.

One source states that the Essex is instead a reverse engineered Buick V6 engine. Since Ford did not have an engine available that could be readily made to meet these requirements, one needed to be developed. The quickest and least expensive approach in accomplishing this was to copy an existing engine from a competitor, which ended up being the Buick V6 from General Motors. Ford's resulting V6 was very similar to that of the original Buick engine — down to an unusual external oil pump design that was common in Buick engines and without precedent in modern Fords — and had a nearly identical displacement.

In fact, one of the only major differences between the two engines early on was Ford's use of aluminum heads as opposed to the cast-iron ones used in the original Buick design. However, in the years since the Essex V6's debut, design revisions from both Ford and GM to their respective V6 designs have differentiated their engines from each other to a point that any relationship between the two designs is not as obvious as it once was.

Ford's published report to the Society of Automotive Engineers gives a full history of clean-sheet design targets and unhurried development. The latter had to be dismantled, with internal components then re-assembled into newly-cast blocks incorporating revisions for strengthening.

This detailed report lays to rest speculation about the 3.

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Ford engineers Armstrong and Stirrat described a design process initiated inwith first prototypes running in The prime objectives were light weight, excellent fuel economy and reliability. The initial design called for the maximum use of lightweight components, including die cast aluminum block and single plane intake manifold and aluminum semi-permanent mold cylinder heads.

Lower Intake Manifold (LIM) Gasket / Lifter Replacement on GM 3800 L67 3.8L

The first version of the Essex V6, a 3. Bore and stroke was It initially had a 2-barrel Motorcraft carburetor on most applications, with state Lincoln Continental and California Granada-Cougar-Thunderbird-XR7 cars given Ford's Motorcraft carburetor with variable venturi. Multi-point fuel injection single port became standard on the 3. A supercharged version of the 3.

To accomplish this, the engine's Eaton M90 roots-type supercharger was given a larger, square-style inlet, a larger attaching inlet plenum, and Teflon coated rotors.

Additionally, the engine received larger fuel injectors and an increase in compression to 8. The upper intake manifold has a sticker denoting "Split Port Induction" located on the passenger side of the forward plenum. The Mustang version of the 3. However the — Mustang did not use IMRC, instead leaving all 12 intake runners open at all times. A nine-digit serial number appears on a label on the right side front valve cover.

It also appears on a barcode label on the transmission side of the right side head. It used the same Ford marketing information says that the bore is 3. Use of the 3.

Like the 3. Bore diameter was the same at Initial output of the 4.The Opel Commodore was an executive car E-segment produced by Opel from to It is the six-cylinder variant of the Rekord with styling differences. The Commodore nameplate was used by Opel from to The last generation was sold in the United Kingdom primarily as the Vauxhall Viceroy although Opel models were also sold.

After having offered a Rekord-6 powered by a 2.

3800 series 3 intake manifold

The Commodore was initially available with the known [3] A 2. For the model year, the carryover 2. From Septemberthe base 2. It had a 2. In April a Commodore with a detuned and carburetted 2. The Opala has a very big following in South America. Their production commenced two years after the Commodore A debut in However, that wasn't always the case. The first-generation Holden Commodore actually is equivalent to the third -generation Opel Commodore.

All engines for the Commodore were 12 valve, CIH straight-six engines ranging from 2. All but one engine option had single-barrel 2. The "E" meaning Einspritzung or injection in English. Opels didn't have the reputation for performance cars in the period and they had seen the positive impact on sales for other race winning manufacturers on having performance models in their range of cars.

The carburettors were ditched in favour of a Bosch D-Jetronic, Bosch's first commercially produced electronic fuel injection system. Unlike later Bosch fuel injection system, the injection was direct to the cylinder instead of via the Plenum inlets, which meant the a specific cylinder head was manufactured specifically for the engine, making this model unique and expensive to produce and purchase.

Different from older mechanical injection systems, it incorporated taking input from the pressure inside the intake manifold. This is known as the Air Mass Sensor or in modern terms this would be known as the MAP-sensor manifold absolute pressurea part that's commonly found in more modern vehicles. Bosch sold the patent to Japanese companies that continue to produce injection systems based on D-Jetronic. D-Jetronic fuel injection was installed onto the 2. Acceleration that pushes you into the seats.

Six cylinders that receive their fuel served electronically.

3800 series 3 intake manifold

An engine that doesn't let a single octane go to waste. The Commodore B was based on the Rekord D, and launched in Power of the 2.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The most popular modification for the Corvette is too replace the factory Air Box with an aftermarket system.

And all it takes is a quick glance at the stock air box to see why you will want to change it out. It's awfully restrictive with a narrow air bridge and an undersized filter element. You can expect rear wheel horsepower increases of HP typical across the board with most replacement intake system we offer. View as Grid List.

Ford Essex V6 engine (Canadian)

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This system includes the industry standard P-1SC-1 ProCharger with patented self-contained oiling and billet impeller, a highly effective air-to-air intercooler system, and OEM quality brackets and installation hardware. The ProCharger supercharger and brackets are provided with polished finish standard.

This product is complete with the exception of fuel injectors and tuning, both of which can be provided by your ProCharger dealer.Sometimes the scope of automotive recalls can make it seem that every vehicle equipped with a particular part is suspect. But there might be no reason to panic if you're driving a car that carries a part affected by another car's recall.

The example of General Motors' recall of 1. The Chevrolet Impala is one of the vehicles subject to GM's recall due to a risk of engine fires. Ford issued a series of six recalls between and that cover more than 14 million cars and trucks equipped with a potentially faulty cruise control switch that can short out and cause a fire.

In MarchBMW announced a recall of 1. And ina record year for recallsHonda recalled 5. That adds up to a lot of cars. But it pales in comparison to the number of vehicles that automakers sell in the U.

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GM built and installed more than 25 million of the model V6 engines in its vehicles between and The V6 was one of the company's most popular engines for many years and is included on the WardsAuto's list of the best engines of the 20th century. Less than 6 percent are listed in the recall. The vehicles covered by the GM engine recall were outfitted with the Series II design, manufactured between and They were identified in two phases.

A recall ofvehicles applied only to turbocharged Buick Regal and Pontiac Grand Prix models. The GM recall expanded the list to include more than 1. For both GM recalls, the danger comes from engine oil catching on fire after it has been spilled or leaked onto the hot surface of the exhaust manifold.

If the oil catches fire, the flames can spread to plastic parts including the spark plug wiring channel and the upper intake manifolds and engine covers. Popular searches. My Account. Here's the full list: Buick Regal '03 Chevrolet Impala '99 Chevrolet Lumina Chevrolet Monte Carlo '99 Oldsmobile Intrigue Pontiac Grand Prix For both GM recalls, the danger comes from engine oil catching on fire after it has been spilled or leaked onto the hot surface of the exhaust manifold.

3800 series 3 intake manifold

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3800 series 3 intake manifold

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